viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

these are the citios that visit to make my commentaries

Hi mi name is Rafael Morales, I can say that learn english is very useful for my future as a professional due to this is an universal languaje and nowaday in our country is a requereriment in many companies.
We can say that our classe have been dinamies thank to the teacher; and I have learnt so many and I`m very pleased because she is so patient with us and helpus until she can do it.
Al topic studied during the last semester helped me to learn vocabulary about how to describe the features that how does somebody look like; about medical treatment when I don`t I feel so well; and talk abou a region or city with all of it`s tourist places and tipical food with the type of restaurant with their special meal plate.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2007


1.- When I was a kid, I was thin I had long blond hair and I used to play some sport like basketball.

2.- When I was 16, I started to do exercise and I had a Balance diet so I gaimed some weight.

3.- Now I´m zo years do, now I´m daer and I´m a little fat now . I shave up! I´m studing law at URBE.


Rafael: hi Karla how are you?
Karla: fine, I´m really good.
Rafael: tell me my love what would you like to do this weekend?
Karla: well as you know I like so much swim in a pool.
Rafael: that´s right what do you think if we go to aguamania on saturday.
Karla: that´s ok I think it is good

Later Rafael calls Karla again to tell her that he can not go to aguamania due to some problem came up in his home. when Rafael tried to calls her she didn´t answer, she was absent.

Call service: the number you are dialing is absent, please leave your message after the tone.

Rafael: Hi mi princess I call you to tell you that the walking to aguamania is cancel due to many problem that came up here In my house with my mom?


The interveiw was done to my cousin Charles; he is a geologist technician and learnt how to speak English when he was fourteen. Questions that were asked to him were:

1.- Wich is the most interesting that have you read?
The Bible.

2.- What is the most frightening film you have watched?
The Exorcist.

3.- What is the funniest film you have watched recently?
Little Man.

4.- What is the most exciting piece of music you have listened to?
How great you are.

5.- What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?
Dance in a street.

6.- What is the best disco you have gone?
Mi Vaquita bar and grill.

7.- What is the most beautiful view you have seen?
Tovar view.
May Take your order, Please?

Charles: Hi, Rachels how are you?
Rachels: Fine, I´m really good.
Charles: Tell me my love, where would you like to eat this weekend?
Rachels: well as you know I like Arabian Food, and I wish to eat at Marhaba.
Charles: your wishes are my commands, let´s go tonigth.
Wiater: Good evening, may help you?
Charles: Yes, Mr, please bring the menu and while we choose someting to eat bring a cold tea.
Charles: Rachels you are my host so, order whatever you like to eat.
Rachels: thank you, Charles. I would like to eat rice with culin, tabaquitos and falafel. Strawberry juice for beverage.

In maracaibo there are famous restaurant which you can enjoy with your familu, friends or somebody special a great time. In this case for a familiar time I suggest you the Garcia´s Cow shed this is a rural restaurant where you can delight you with your family all kind of steak or meat food. If you want to have a ramantic moment with your couple go to Davinci this is a Italian restaurant which your couple a moment that you wouldn´t forget. And finally if you want to enjoy with your friends go to Mi vaquita this is a bar and grill restaurant.
It´s Really works

Rafael:Hi Carlos how are you?
Carlos:very well Rafael. Hou do you feel today?
Rafael:well i haven´t felt so good; I have been having a strong headache since last night, and today in the morning I started to have fever.
Carlos: that´s very bad friend that´s a virus thst is attacking today, I suggest you go to barrio adentro medical center
Rafael:I think you are right; I´ll visit the cuban Doctor
Doctor:Hi rafael, tell me why are yoy here?
Rafael:well Doctor, I haven´t felt so good; I have been having a strong headache since last night, and today in the morning I atarted to have fever
Doctor: let´s take your temperature, you have 39 ºC... you have a lot of fever... you´ve got flu. Your treatment will be sinutab every 8 hours with teragrip.
Drugstoreman: Good night mr May help you?
Rafael: Yes I need some medicine.
Drugstoreman: Which one?
Rafael: I need sinutab and teragrip.
Drugstoreman: Here is it.
Rafael: Thank you.
Drugstoreman: You welcome.